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“I pay lot of attention to diversity when recruiting for . Fact is, very limited number of applications!”

Monique Goyens (@moniquegoyens on #BrusselsSoWhite)

Discrimination is hard when you look different. Since Charlie Hebdo, pressure is higher on the workplace, in public transport… My last two assignments happened via friends in the Muslim community. I appreciate working with people from different backgrounds. Diversity adds value.

Belgian consultant, Muslim, wearing a hijab (from Brussels)

We have young people, good people, bright kids, university graduates, fluent in five languages who say “Belgium / Europe = No future for us”. They are from Antwerp, Brussels, Charleroi, etc… losing hope and moving to Canada searching for opportunity. We need to work on stereotypes from both sides; job applicants and employers.

Community organizer (from Antwerp)

I was born here, went to the same schools, graduated here, got the same degrees. Yet, others can move on with their lives and careers but we are blocked.

Young professional (European institution)

In my business, I am considered as a “high potential”. In our industry, many of the little ants at the bottom of the pyramid are from immigrant backgrounds. In the yearly convention of my industry, out of 500 participants (la crème de la crème), I was the only non-white person in the room. A journalist even asked me: “What’s up with upward mobility?”

Young professional (TELCO industry)

In your company, will the colour of my skin prevent my career development and progression?

Graduate student (from Flanders region)

In my industry, immigrant entrepreneurs drive 90% of my business! White Belgians contribute to a small share of my revenue.

Owner (construction industry)

How can I get more clients from ethnic minorities to visit my store?

Managing Director (entertainment industry)

We value pluralism but we seem to struggle to attract youth from ethnic minorities. All of our staff members and “clients” are white.

Managing Director (youth organization movement)

About gender diversity, we are doing fine. But racial diversity is challenging us!

CEO, belgian firm (FMCG industry)
Remise des labels diversité 2018

Remise des labels diversité 2018

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