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Snoop: “… We globally effect the whole world. Black people are more respected outside of America that they are in America…”

Draymond Green: “It is more so of black people not knowing who they are. The reason we struggle as black people is because we don’t know who we are and so, If you want to be quite frank about it, white people know who we are, that’s why they keep […] kicking us…”

Michael Bennett: “They realised that they’ve been through something that they never want to happen again”.

And this by John Stewart: “Human kind is tribal in nature. We are born to join and be with groups where we find identity. It’s why team fanship is so strong. If we didn’t have religion, we’ll find other ways to go to war with each other because we are tribal in nature and we fight over resources. And you start to believe that your resources are finite,  you began to treat others as foes and rivals and enemies…”

Lebron James: “At the end of the day, when I decided that I was going to start speaking up and not […] about the backlash or it affects me, my whole mindset was it’s not about me… Losing this or losing that, my popularity went down. At the end of the day, my truth to so many different kids, to so many different people, was broader than me personally…”



Do you explain racism to your kids?

If you do, how?

If you don’t, why?

Curious to know a bit more about your experiences and perspectives.


And to the CEOs and folks in leadership positions out there in Belgium and elsewhere… So, by looking at your company, at your team, on which tribe(s) are you?

And do you believe in “war for talent”?

And do you believe in #TalentShortage ?


#Ethnostratification | #Glassceiling | #Discrimination


Being Black in corporate Belgium, Europe.



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Grégory Luaba Déome

Contributing to more inclusive workplaces

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Born in Congo, I am committed to developing more inclusive workplaces. My passion is to enable others to achieve their potential and to advance equity in corporate Brussels.

About eight years ago, a friend told me something like “in my company, they consider me as a high potential. I participated to the annual event of our industry, 500 people – la crème de la crème – and I was the only non-white in the room. A journalist even came to me and discreetly asked “what about upward mobility”? The problem is that in our industry, the majority of the workers at the bottom of the pyramid are non-whites. The higher you go in the hierarchy, the whiter it becomes.”

How to increase racial diversity at the top of corporate Brussels?

What is the diverse makeup or diversity demographics of your team overall? And of your management and board teams?

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